2NE1’s disbandment left everyone in dismay. The most prominent girl group of YG Entertainment disbanded at a time when they could have soared even higher. It has been 3 years since their disbandment but the friendship between the former 2NE1 members remains stronger than ever.

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The girls have built up a strong bond and it eased fans’ minds to know that they have a closely-knitted relationship. For the past 3 years, the girls never stop showing love and support for each other. Their post disbandment interactions were full of sunshine and positivity.

Since Minzy’s departure from the group, the members have been keeping in contact with their her. Minzy geared up for her long-awaited solo debut a year after leaving the group. CL, Bom and Dara all showed their full support towards Minzy’s album release.

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Park Bom took the initiative by leaving an encouraging comment on Minzy’s instagram post. A few days later, she uploaded a past photo of 2NE1 and promoted Minzy’s solo album.

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CL also posted Minzy’s teaser image along with a heartwarming caption stating that she is proud of Minzy for chasing her dreams.

Last but not least, Dara uploaded a photo of her holding onto a copy of Minzy’s signed album. Dara personally said in the captions that 2NE1 members will always support their youngest member. Looks like she got her hands pretty fast on Minzy’s album!

Dara, who has been pursuing her acting career since the disbandment, received love from CL and Park Bom for her Korean film debut. They showed up at the premiere and uploaded selfies with Dara, who was the female lead of the film “One Day”.

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+Congratulationz on your movie debut dara rabbit+

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It was interesting for fans to spot the unique differences between CL and Park Bom as both of them posted two distinctively different styles of photos with Dara. Bom, with her adoration of filters, was a pleasant discovery for fans too.

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Other than being supportive with each others’ activities, 2NE1 members also showed their goofy side with interactions on twitter as well.

Knowing Park Bom’s obsessive love for corn, Dara bought McDonald’s corn pies and got it specially delivered to her. Park Bom posted a photo in acknowledgment and the message written on the bag caught everyone’s attention. Dara left a sweet message “Bom~ Enjoy the food!!! From Darongie.” and ended off with a doodle of herself in her well-recognized pineapple ponytail. It was some great bonding over delicious snack!

Despite their separation, 2NE1 showed the strength of their bonds and proved that their friendship goes beyond being physically together in a group, especially on special occasions like birthdays, where the girls never failed to greet and wish one another well.

Almost every year on CL’s birthday, Dara will dedicate a birthday post to her. This year, on CL’s 28th birthday, the girls (except Minzy) gathered for a celebration.The customized cake had a witty but adorable message “You are the lotto of my life! Chaerin ♡”

Similarly, thoughtful leader CL has also been sweetly sending wishes and greetings to former 2NE1 members on different social media platforms over the years.

The day blackjacks have been waiting for finally arrived when 2NE1 members reunited to celebrate their 10th anniversary on May 17th. This surprising reunion was the best gift for loyal fans who remained faithful through their journey.

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The former members gathered together for a dinner. They also started an Instagram Live to celebrate and share this intimate moment with their fans. The girls cheekily made their appearance by imitating their iconic stage opening. They also greeted fans with their catchphrase “What’s up? We 2NE1!”

CL revealed in the Instagram Live that they cried upon meeting each other as it had been a long time since they met. The anniversary cake was prepared by Dara and she requested for 2NE1’s debut “Fire” photo to be printed on it. The girls reminisce on their past memorable events through laughter and smiles.

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All members later uploaded the group photos onto Instagram with heartfelt messages to commemorate 2NE1’s 10th anniversary.

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+평생 신난 어린이들 처럼 살자+

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The 10th anniversary reunion was a delightful and meaningful meet up between the former 2NE1 members, reminiscing the best years spent with the best girls. Blackjacks are still patiently waiting for the day when 2NE1 officially reunites and releases new music again. Nothing is impossible!

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While 2NE1’s journey has ended, and we await their 20th anniversary (or earlier anniversaries!), let’s look back on each of the members individually and reminisce on what we loved about them, as individuals and as part of the incredible girl group called 2NE1!

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