Following 2NE1’s celebration in reaching the peak of their career, things came to a difficult situation and the girls faced a rough patch ahead of them.

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What seemed like a promising year came to a halt when Bom’s drug scandal came to light. Articles emerged claiming that Bom tried to smuggle amphetamine tablets into South Korea in 2010. Even though the case was suspended and the scandal was cleared, it adversely affected Bom’s career and reputation. To resolve the crisis from the severe public reaction, Bom was forced to go on a hiatus.

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With one member on hiatus, the other members soon went ahead to focus on their solo activities in 2015. Minzy opened the Millennium Dance Academy. Dara was actively expanding on her acting career and starred in two web-dramas, “Dr Ian” and “We Broke Up” as the female lead. Not forgetting acing another lead role in KBS drama “Missing Korea” too.

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CL proceeded with her solo career in the United States and released “Hello Bitches”. With 2NE1’s established career, the western media and audience had all attention on the release.

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Everything was going pretty smoothly despite the group being on hiatus, but fans missed the video and music promotions they used to look forward to. The sudden halt on their group activities has definitely affected both the idols and their fans.

It was not until the Mnet Asia Music Awards 2015 that 2NE1 made a surprising appearance. It was fully gathered 2NE1 team, including Bom, who was on hiatus since 2014!

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This ultimate comeback was a supreme surprise to the audience and the media! It was kept in full secrecy in order to achieve a powerful impact. Their flight to Hong Kong was a secret as well and the girls didn’t even participate in the rehearsals. It was a carefully thought out and well-planned execution.

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The sensational performance started with CL slaying the stage with her solo song “Hello Bitches” before the rest of the members appeared and the crowd went crazy. It became a hot topic immediately and it is one of the highlights of the show.

2NE1’s group appearance on Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015 remains as one of the most iconic and memorable moments in their career.

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This jaw dropping appearance had everyone keeping their hopes high and anticipation up for any possible 2NE1 comeback. However, fans were faced with disappointment once again.

After another hiatus, YG Entertainment announced that Minzy has officially left 2NE1 in April 2016 and the group will continue as a trio. Minzy’s decision has definitely left an impact on 2NE1 and their future activities. It was questionable on how the group will continue to thrive with just 3 members left, including Bom’s hiatus over her drug scandal.

This news crushed blackjacks’ hearts. They were bewildered over Minzy’s decision but they also showed their support for her future endeavors.

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7 months later, YG Entertainment released news of 2NE1’s disbandment on November 25th. The bad news had deeply saddened and astonished blackjacks. YG Entertainment further confirmed that CL and Dara will still be signed under the company as solo artists but Bom will be released from her contract.

2NE1 parting ways was sudden and unbelievable. However, some fans stated that they kind of expected it due to their lack of activities and being “overly quiet” since their hiatus from 2014.

Blackjacks started a hashtag #ThankYou2NE1 to reciprocate their appreciation for the members who have worked hard for the past 7 years. They also promised that they will support the girls’ individual activities.

It was a heartwarming sight to see how fans united together. 2NE1 have indeed earned loyal fans over the years passionately working in the music industry.

2NE1 bid their farewell officially in 2017 with the release of their final single, “Goodbye” on January 21st. The song was co-written by leader CL and the lyrics of the song represent their feelings towards the situation. The verses for each member fitted them well and it moved many fans to tears.

Both blackjacks and 2NE1 went down memory lane as they watch the music video with 2NE1’s past videos being screened. It was a pity that Minzy wasn’t able to participate in the song. Blackjacks also noticed that the song was released on the 21st, their lucky number, and it added a touching factor.

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This release marks the end of a legendary group in the K-pop industry and 2NE1’s journey. They might have disbanded but fans will never forget the paths that they walked together for the past 7 years. 2NE1 became one of the iconic groups that created their own evolution and it was a rewarding journey after all. The queens will truly be missed. We sincerely wish for their reunion in the near future!

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How much do you love 2NE1? If they ever return together as a group, how will you show your anticipation, support and happiness? Tell us about – go on, don’t hold back! Because 2NE1 had a happy, brief reunion on their 10th anniversary!

2NE1’s Journey: A Reunion to Remember