Fame Hit Jimin When He was a Mere Teen


Park Jimin, a name that is resonating with hearts worldwide.

When BTS debuted back in 2013 with their first hit “No More Dream”, they had no idea what was in store for them. With other big name groups around at the time, the boys in BTS had the same dream as everyone else – to make it big in the music industry.

Jimin, who is now 23, was only 17 at the time of their debut. His innocent heart had no clue that in a few years he was about to be breaking records and girls’ hearts with the six other boys beside him. None of them had any idea about how big they were about to become, and how they were about to pave the way for other artists in not only South Korea, but the rest of the world too.

Showbiz Has Always Been His True Calling


As a Libra boy from Busan, South Korea, Jimin’s early life consisted of pure dedication to dance. While attending middle school, he devoted what spare time he had to attend a dance academy, learning the basics of hip hop. In high school, he let his talents soar in contemporary dance modules and became the top student in the entire modern dance department!

Being the top student was what gave courage to Jimin to audition for Big Hit Entertainment. After passing the auditions and being the last member to join BTS, he then transferred to the Korean Arts High School, where he graduated with his members by his side. Currently, he’s enrolled at Global Cyber University where he continues to study alongside his busy work schedule with the group.

Jimin Can Fire On All Cylinders!

Jimin’s work in BTS has no doubt gained him an enormous amount of attention not only for his good looks, but his amazing talent as well. Over the years, between 17 and 23, his voice has always been like a melodious angel, his high notes unbelievably crowd-pleasing. His voice isn’t his only talent though; Jimin is also one of the group’s dancers. Alongside J-hope and Jungkook, his fluid movements garner a huge amount of attention and praise.

Going above and beyond looks, voice, and dance, Jimin is also a songwriter for the group. While he holds the position of vocalist and dancer, he’s also written a number of songs too. His contribution to the groups is exceptional as he’s a very hard worker who is dedicated to the success of his group and the well being of his members.

Jimin’s solo tracks have gained quite attention as well. His songs “Serendipity” and “Lie” have broken records, surpassing fifty million streams total on Spotify. His unique vocals and swiftly choreographed dance moves helped contribute to the success of his solo longs, complemented by how they were beautifully written and produced.

It’s Impossible To Overlook Jimin


Being recognized worldwide for his talents is no doubt something that Jimin is still getting used to. With BTS’ explosive rise to fame after the release of “Dope”, each hit single since then has just exponentially increased their popularity. The popularity growth has also brought many eyes upon Jimin, who tends to steal the spotlight with the stunning flow of his body during dances, and his ability to reach high notes like no other.

While Jimin isn’t the front runner of BTS (in fact, the group doesn’t actually have one), he definitely gets a lot of attention for his talents. We do hope he may one day officially become BTS’ front runner! Just by listening to one of their songs or watching a video, you’ll be able to pick out who he is. His vocals have been described as delicate and sweet, and this reflects his personality as well.

Never Judge a Candy by its Wrapper


Jimin is a kind-hearted individual with a soft attitude compared to the other members. He is quiet and gentle in front of cameras, enticing other members to poke fun at him by exposing that he can actually be pretty loud and rambunctious when the cameras aren’t around. A hidden side of Jimin, waiting to be discovered?

Reflecting his sweet and kind-hearted demeanor, Jimin has donated to his past schools numerous times. From 2016 to 2018, he covered uniform expenses for all graduates at Busan Hodong Elementary School. In 2018, when the school unfortunately closed down, he donated summer and winter middle school uniforms to its final cohort of graduates, giving all students signed copies of BTS’ albums as well.

It’s Not About the Money For Him


Earlier this year he graciously donated 100 million Korean won, which comes to about 88 thousand USD, to the Busan Department of Education. Remembering the plight of needy families, Jimin did this to help support lower income students who can’t afford everything as easily as other students. 30 million Korean won, 23 thousand USD, went to Busan Arts High School, also a school that Jimin attended. ‘Philanthropic’ only begins to describe the super generosity of this superstar!

Love Within The Group


With BTS still on the rise, Jimin’s individual popularity is still rising too. His fans, from casual listeners to hardcore loyalists, continue to increase with each passing day as BTS’ journey to the top continues. It’s no doubt been hard for him, but he’s been bravely open about his struggles with fame in the past.

When first starting to become popular in South Korea and while gaining attention in North America, Jimin began to feel the pressure and became insecure with his body image. He started to view himself as overweight, and thus entered a state of depression and ended up starving himself. This was a rather difficult time for him, until his group member, Jin, was able to help him out of his bad spot with much brotherly love.

Through his own personal struggles with self esteem, as expressed in his song, “Lie”, Jimin has definitely been making it through life with all eyes on him and his group. For an artist in his early twenties that doesn’t speak much English, this can be extremely pressurizing. Yet, he manages it well and continues to keep his sweet and innocent persona.

All the World is His Stage


You’ve no doubt heard of BTS and their great success, and now you know of one of the main vocalists and dancers. Park Jimin a favorite amongst many, he’s certainly loved by all fans of BTS, and his story shall continue to develop through his wonderful career and inspirational life.

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