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All i wanna do, Wanna One! The group with 11 unique and amazingly talented boys who were hand-picked by the national producer of Produce 101 season 2. They caused an uproar in South Korea when the program aired in 2017.

Wanna One garnered crazy heaps of attention ever since Produce 101 season 2 ended with a bang, and needless to say, they have a whole ton of schedules packed and fully lined up for them.

They received endless love calls for appearances on all sorts of reality and variety programs, from popular ones like Happy Together, Knowing Brothers, Infinite Challenge and Weekly Idol, to even SNL.

Their appearance on SNL’s famous 3-minute boyfriend segment instantly became the hottest topic among fans! Everyone was falling head over heels with every members’ cute boyfriend images that later inspired hilarious situations, images and even memes.

The ‘Wanna One Effect’ is indeed overwhelming as their appearance never fails to bring records of high viewership ratings! This even includes the current episode of SNL, where viewership ratings reached the peak of the season.

When the announcement of their first reality series ‘Wanna One Go’ was made, fans were overjoyed and filled with anticipation.



With great expectations gleefully fulfilled, there was tons of comical and unforgettable moments that brought smiles to fans faces with their silly antics every episode.

Moments like the creation of their ‘AAA’ dance:

Jaehwan’s hysterical laughter when he was on the pirate ship amusement ride:

Their laughter withholding contest – which they have all failed terribly. I’m sure their laughter automatically echoes through your mind while watching these gifs:

Playful Daniel and Seongwu stealing Jisung’s toy giraffe away:

The zumba dance lesson by Sungwoon, Minhyun and Guanlin:

Without a doubt, the 2nd season of the reality show ‘Wanna One Go: Zero Base’ instantly tops the first spot on content power index ranking during the first week of November in 2017.

Not forgetting Wanna One’s iconic lines and memorable actions individually created by different members which caused an insane buzz! It eventually became a must-do on every program as they are asked to reenact those actions. I’m sure fans will never get sick of it after watching more than 101 times!

Jihoon’s aegyo set, nae maeum soge jeojang (save you in my heart) and gugu gaga!

Daniel’s thigh slide choreography in ‘Open Up’ and sexy abs wave:

Seongwu’s slate and ear folding trick:

Jinyoung’s ttak ttak:

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Minhyun’s cute booty dance:

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Wanna One achieved impressive results with high viewership ratings. Sadly, due to their packed schedule seemingly every day of their famous lives, it resulted in immense fatigue.

It is especially hard for Daniel who suffers from narcolepsy disorder, where he experienced excessive daytime sleepiness and has trouble staying awake. He can fall asleep after lying down for only a few minutes during episode 9 of Master Key.

It hurts fans’ hearts seeing Daniel’s exhausted self getting all confused after he woke up in disbelief that he actually fell asleep.

Wanna One worked extremely hard during their contract period. They have created lots of funny moments and wonderful memories worth remembering forever. It is assured that they will soar higher and further in the upcoming future! Let’s continue supporting the members by walking down the flower path with them!

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