Jeon Jungkook is known as the golden maknae of global sensation group, BTS. However, Jungkook is also famous as the living meme of BTS. Since the boy band’s debut, he has created tons of iconic expressions and has been living up to his name as a true meme master.

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Over the years, Jungkook was given several nicknames like ‘meme lord’, ‘memekook’ and ‘meme king’ as a royal anointment from his fans.

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Having a bad day? Just take a look at all these meme faces by Jungkook and it will definitely lift your mood and make your day better!

Behold Jungkook’s Eyewear Saga! From awfully tiny children’s sunglasses to swimming goggles, it has became a tool used by Jungkook to expand his meme collection!

Now revel upon Jungkook’s very own creation, his signature “meme kook dance”! I bet everyone agrees that he still looks ridiculously good even if he is dancing weirdly with a comical expression.

Jungshook. Jungkook opens his eyes widely while staring into space. This expression was later labelled as ‘Jungshook’ as an inside joke by fans. He looks like he just received an unbelievable, shocking news!

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The “I know what you are up to” expression as if Jungkook knows all your secrets!

Jungkook makes a funny expression when using not one, but two toothbrushes to brush his teeth! Talk about a unique brush work! This makes fans laugh and cry at the same time over how dorky Jungkook looks!

And here is a compilation of dorky faces made by the one and only meme master, Jeon Jungkook!

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This cheeky side of Jungkook has gained adoration from fans as he is able to express himself a little too well by reacting hilariously towards every situation. It is very relatable to life as well!

In the meantime, fans have enjoyed creating endless memes with Jungkook’s amusing expressions!

He can sing, he can dance, he can rap, he can produce songs but most importantly, he can meme! Jungkook is indeed a bundle of joy in so many aspects!