BTS officially reaches their 6th anniversary! The members of BTS commemorate their debut anniversary together with ARMYs on the memorable date of June 13, 2019.

(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)

BTS debuted in 2013 with 7 members, each with unique talents and personalities. They rose to fame and success, achieved international recognition and had the honor of presenting their country at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

(image source: John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

They received numerous prominent awards over the years, including a triple crown for Top Social Artist award at Billboard Music Awards from 2017 to 2019. They were the first Korean group in history to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards as well. Within 6 years, they took the world by storm and secured the hearts of million loyal fans.

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Fans unanimously posted their congratulatory tweets for BTS’ 6th anniversary!

The hashtag “#6YearsWithOurHomeBTS” created by ARMYs was trending #1 worldwide. Other hashtags like “#6YearsWithBTS”, “#BTS6thAnniversary”, #6YearsWithLuv etc have also taken over a spot in the worldwide trend. Truly incredible!

To celebrate this joyous occasion, ARMYs worldwide came up with a variety of fan projects, fan support and other interesting events.

A Korean ARMY took the time to compile all events happening in Korea and designed a poster accordingly with the subway lines for ARMYs as reference. The list goes from fan cafe cup sleeve events to locations of banners/videos on subway station digital advertising boards. What a thoughtful act!

(image source: twitter @COOL_123455)
(image source: twitter @COOL_123455)

China’s ARMYs displayed a 15 second video on the digital screen at Times Square in New York for 6 whole days! They also held an anniversary exhibition in Shanghai. Meanwhile, Jimin fans booked the digital advertisement board in Seoul and Busan subway stations displaying photos and messages for Jimin!

Myanmar’s ARMYs did donations by giving back to the community and held a fan gathering!

Philippines’ ARMYs booked a light and sound show at the dancing fountain of Rizal Park where BTS’ songs played during the event. They also had a fan gathering and mini exhibition planned!

(image source: twitter @COSMOSMNL)

Malaysia’s ARMYs did a self-designed fan support kit and will donate all profits to UNICEF Malaysia. They also held several cafe events!

(image source: twitter @B527hz)

Indonesia’s ARMYs did a video project and a special flashmob dedicating their love to BTS!

Singapore’s ARMYs gathered for a food donation drive, bought a subway advert board to display their BTS banner and put up a BTS video advertisement on the busy street of Orchard Road!

(image source: twitter @btsborahaeteam)
(image source: twitter @YukoClover)
(image source: twitter @19970901net_jk)

India’s ARMYs organised a movie screening gathering and a nationwide flash mob event dancing to “Boy with Luv”!

America’s ARMYs collaborated with Tencent Webnovel and came up with a BTS writing competition in lieu of the anniversary celebration! Winners will receive attractive prizes like tickets to see BTS, a round flight ticket to Seoul, and Love Yourself concert DVD, etc.

The people’s sincerity can be reflected through the scale of the all fan projects and support that were carefully planned in detail.

During the annual celebration of BTS Festa, a series of new family portraits, unseen photos, funny self-written profiles, special song releases and video content were released specially for ARMYs.

BTS Festa 2019 officially kick-starts on 3rd June! Here are some personal favorite photos!

(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)
(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)
(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)
(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)
(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)
(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)
(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)
(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)

BTS 5th Muster: Magic Shop takes place from 15th June to 23rd June this year in Busan and Seoul. With a total of 4 shows, split into part 1 and 2. They will be starting their “first shop” at Jimin and Jungkook’s hometown – Busan! The “second shop” will be held in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

ARMYs from all over the world will gather for the annual muster event – a mashup of concert and fanmeet specially dedicated for them!

(image source: facebook @bangtan.official)

BTS’ members also did not forget to reciprocate ARMYs who have been supporting them loyally. A “Bangtan Attic” video that was almost an hour long was uploaded on BANGTANTV youtube channel as part of their 2019 Festa. In the video, the 7 men talked and joked over different topics at a homely and comfortable environment.

Jin released a song titled “Tonight” and it is his first self-written song. Jin revealed that he wrote the song while thinking about his pets. The emotional ballad received many positive reviews among fans!

(image source: twitter @bts_twt)
(image source: twitter @bts_twt)

Jungkook shared a new “DJ Swivel Forever Mix” version for his solo track in Love Yourself: Answer – Euphoria on Soundcloud and Youtube. The video was filled with precious memory cuts of Jungkook over the years.

Jimin prepared a video as a gift to ARMYs, containing unforgettable memories of the time spend together. Everything was personally filmed and edited by Jimin. Every detail, every message is heartwarming and filled with sincerity.

Apart from the annual festa and official muster events, BTS’ personalised thoughtful gift is what warms up ARMYs’ heart the most.

13th June an the important day for BTS to commemorate their anniversary. It is also the day ARMYs excitedly look forward to celebrate every year. Together, they make it memorable with the immense number of fan projects and events planned. It is indeed blissful to be an ARMY!

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