Kim Jisoo, the angel of Korean girl group, Blackpink. With her sweet demeanor and pleasant outlook, fame has taken her and her group by storm.

But even Jisoo is human, and with her 4D personality, she definitely have more than just her good side! Yup, you read that right, Jisoo is 4D!

Let’s see what Jisoo looks like from different angles.

Jisoo the Cute

Jisoo the Unglam

Jisoo the Drop-Dead Gorgeous

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No woman is an island, and sometimes, having an addition to your photo compliments your image, and vice versa. See the effects of having Jisoo accompanied by another drop-dead gorgeous Blackpink member!

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Like I said, Jisoo is human! Nobody’s perfect, but it’s because everyone has their own imperfections, that’s why we’re so beautiful. Jisoo is already naturally beautiful – her imperfections merely make her extra perfect!