It takes more than just a handsome face and charming voice to reach the peak of K-pop. Kwon Ji-yong, the South Korean singer, going by his stage name “G-Dragon”, is what one can truly call a revolutionary of K-pop! It’s got to be because of how he draws attention to himself during his music.

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It takes king-like guts to go against the conventional flow and to compete against the biggest K-pop bands alone. His voice clearly flows well with the environment. For example, during his hit “Crooked”, he’s expressing himself as he explores his identity. Outside on the streets, he’s acting thug-like while during the tunnel sequence he’s a bit more reserved as he’s evolving and finding himself. His extraordinary fashion choices leaves fans drooling with adoration!

Another aspect of his charisma is shown through how he acts as he feels. This attitude appeals to modern teenagers, allowing them to relate with someone their age, and try to climb the rope that is life. We all have urges and downsides, but when we’re adjusting into adulthood, it’s hard to understand who exactly we are.

G-Dragon takes the deeper meaning of western music and mixes it with the freeflow style that is K-pop. A smart endeavor to reap fans from all over the world.

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G-Dragon knew that surviving alone in the long run would not be sufficient, especially with the rise of giants like BTS and EXO. Thus, he stayed as part of his boy band, Big Bang. Today, the members of the team are praised as kings, and perhaps if it wasn’t for Big Bang, K-pop may not have been as successful as it is today.

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Could you imagine, a 31 year, living his dream with a net worth of $40 million dollars? The majority of us can only dream of such a life. “The D-dragon actually breathes out human breath?” This article revealed that he’s just a boy underneath all the fame, and the G-Dragon is only a part of his persona.

His accolades include multiple best Asian artist and album awards. In 2015, his boy band won the Mnet Asian Music Award for Artist of the Year.

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G-Dragon raised the name of K-pop during its earliest days, leading it to be a commercial success worldwide. Together with Big Bang, they are regarded as legends in the communities. Especially with how female teens are obsessed over their quirkiness.

Kwon is now in his thirties, but he’s not lost his charm at all, and I’m excited to see where he takes the K-pop industry.

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As time passes, G-Dragon takes another leap in music created a truly one-of-a-kind music video!

G-Dragon: “One of a Kind” is One of a Kind!