I think most of us, at least once in our lives, wish to be a celebrity: whether it’s being a singer, an artist, musician, surgeon, etc. We think about all the good things that come with it: money, fame, power. But there is a downside to it. Not only the hate comments, the controversies, the scandals, but the memes that come with it!

Of course, memes can be a good thing for some: it is, after all, a nice way to interact with your fans. But others are a bit more sensible, getting mad at people who make fun of them, they feel offended.

Now, I’m not entirely sure which of these two options is TWICE on, but, if there’s one thing that we all know about them, is that they have tons of memes! The K-Pop fandom is plagued with these little funny images and these girls are no exception to the rule.

We, however, are going to focus on one specific member: Momo.

Momo, as you all may know by now, is part of the Japanese member line. She is gorgeous, very powerful on stage, but a really cute, dorky girl off-stage. I really like how expressive her face is. I mean, all of TWICE’s faces are expressive, but it’s just that Momo has that “Je ne se quoi” thing for me… (am I right, Momo stans? Where you at?)

I’m happy when Momo is happy from r/twicememes

As for the case I’ve stated earlier, I would like to discuss it further with you, guys. Memes can sometimes go too far, a joke can get annoying, but, on the other hand, aren’t those specific memes made for that reason?

(image source: Reddit u/StanClay)

I don’t know just how far is too far for girls like Momo, which can be mocked for anything they do. I guess it must be horrible the first few months because we girls don’t like pictures where we don’t look okay or the way we wanted. So I can just guess that the first month she could have taking it a bit more seriously, maybe? But she should be used to it by now, so I imagine the hits hurt less.

(image source: Reddit u/xaviereeee )

I would like to repeat what I said earlier: I don’t know which side are they on. Well, I should start by saying that I’m not sure if there are more categories than the ones that I’ve talked about here.

Now, let’s be honest this next paragraph… Momo’s derp face is very funny. Her off-stage-persona has a pretty funny face, and we love her for that. The fact that she puts a smile on my face, even when I’m not feeling like myself, is a lot for me. And I’m pretty sure the fact that she can change people’s mood just by being her dorky self means a lot to her as well.

And to end this post I’d like to open up a discussion about memes and when are they going too far. I’d love to hear your opinion!

While we focused on just Momo for this post, we’re not done with memes yet, not while there’s still many more members of TWICE to meme-ize!

TWICE Meme Faces Will Light Up Your Days!