Ayo ladies and gentleman! Guess who is the person responsible for emblazoning everyone’s heart with a surprise hair color change!

Our dearest Jungkook from the one and only BTS!!

BTS performed at the 2018 Lotte Family Concert on 22nd June last year, during which Jungkook’s dazzling hair color revelation got the whole fandom surprised!

(image source: twitock.com)

Standing out with his reddish pink hair, he has indeed earn enough shocker points for the night (and perhaps the rest of the year)!

(image source: Wattpad.com)

Fans lost it at how amazingly good he look in his flaming hot red hair.

Most wouldn’t have guessed it, but this is actually not Jungkook’s first time dyeing his hair red! Let’s enjoy a little spam of red hair fetus kookie from 2014!

Jungkook dyed his hair red for the very first time during their Boy In Luv era and it lasted only until the Just One Day promotions began.

Not many people realized back then that Jungkook took a blow to his confidence after that very first dye job. Why? His new hair-do didn’t receive a good response and reaction from the fans. The poor boy! Big Hit’s employees kept constant vigilance to filter out any negative comments about this hair to ensure Jungkook didn’t see them, afraid that he might get further demoralized.

Such a caring employer, Big Hit is! No wonder BTS could wholeheartedly strive to do their best on stage!

Now fans are in love with this bold change in hair color, showing off an incredible fluorescent reddish pink! Ever since Dope era, Jungkook had maintained a black color for his hair, sometimes mixing with different shades of brown. It took 3 long years for him to finally draw up the courage to try such a bold color again!

This comeback of a daring hair color is indeed significant for the ARMY nation!

There is also an uproar over the fact that Jungkook’s outfit and style in the Lotte Family concert rekindled memories of the Dope era all over again!

Here is Jungkook during the Dope promotions and at the Lotte Family Concert.

(image source: Pinterest Sena Thetford)

Thankfully this time, fan are very supportive and his new dye-job was well received!

True enough, how could anyone bear to hurt this adorable sweet boy who just wants praises for his hair color!

Hearts for all of you who love and support Jungkook’s red hair! Time to anticipate the next hair color that will capture everyone’s heart again! What do you think it’ll be next? An au naturelle green, or perhaps a heart-throbbing blond?

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