Yoo Jaesuk is a well-known name to everyone in South Korea and a well-loved name for fans of South Korea’s reality and variety TV shows. Especially for viewers of the Running Man and Infinite Challenge series!

I’m pretty sure the name ‘Yoo Jaesuk’ is well recognized to everyone in South Korea and also, for people who are always interested in South Korea’s reality and variety show. Especially for those who are fans of Running Man and Infinite Challenge!

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Yoo Jaesuk is a television host and comedian, given the title of the Nation’s MC.

Fun fact: With the way he used to dress for his broadcast back in his early days, he was nicknamed “The Grasshopper”!

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First debuting in 1991 and running his career for 28 years, Yoo Jaesuk has received numerous awards and recognition for this productions. Some notable awards were the Baeksang Art Award for TV grand prize, and the Presidential Commendation at the 9th Korean Popular Culture and Art Awards in 2018.

Via: Koreadaily
Via: Koreadaily

Over the years, Yoo Jaesuk also received countless compliments for his exemplary image and professionalism at work. He gained many supportive fans with his kind and humble personality and build a close-knitted relationship with his colleagues, all of them have nothing but praise and admiration for him.

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He is a family man, pledging his love to announcer Na Kyung Eun back in 2008, and had his first child, Yoo Jiho on May 1st, 2010.
See how even Na Kyung Eun couldn’t stop smiling and breaking into laughter during their marriage vows.

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Despite being packed with filming schedules, Jaesuk treasures what little bonding time he has with his family, especially for his dearest son, Jiho. As the wonderful father he is, Jaesuk squeezes out precious time just to attend Jiho’s elementary field day and participated in a tug-of-war game just like all the other parents. He truly wants to be the beloved father, witnessing his son’s every step in life.

Via: KBS World
Via: KBS World

Later, in an episode of Happy Together 3, Jiho is seen to be embarrassed with his father for being too enthusiastic in sharing tips for winning the tug-of-war game. That’s definitely something we can expect with Jaesuk’s experience in so many variety shows.

In 2018, the couple announced that they are expecting another child! 8-year old Jiho was to be a big brother to Yoo Na Eun on October 19, 2018!

Fans were overjoyed at the good news and posted congratulatory messages:

During a recording of Happy Together 3, Jaesuk reveals Jiho’s reaction over the news of him becoming a big brother. Jaesuk said that Jiho actually cried as he was afraid that he would lose his parent’s love. But eventually, he accepted the fact and looks forward to the arrival of his younger sister excitedly!

Yoo Jaesuk is not only a successful Nation’s MC, but he is also a family man who makes time and effort to bond with his family. The new addition to the family is indeed a blessing! We wish all the happiness in the world to the Yoo family!