Everyone in BTS is so handsome and they change their hair color often but we are here to talk about someone very specific!

Who is our favorite oppa with the gummy smile?!

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That’s right! It’s our loveable Min Yoongi! Lets look at a timeline of all the color changes to his hair throughout the years~


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Suga debuted with his naturally black hair when BTS blessed us with their first MV, titled “No More Dream”

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Not long after debuting, Suga’s hair was dyed brown! I gotta say that this was a beautiful photoshoot, just look at that stare… Am I the only one getting lost in those eyes?


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He kept the same brown hair color at the beginning of 2014 and kept it that way until July. What happened in July?

Look below!

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During the same year, he changed it to burgundy! It suited him perfectly!


There were, of course, more changes in 2015 and we welcomed them all with open arms!

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I swear his blonde hair will be the death of me!

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His mint hair from the previous year began to fade and made his hair look a bit blonde which I definitely don’t mind!

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I’m not the only one that loves his blonde hair right?! He looks good with any hair color but him blonde is my weakness!

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His black hair made a come back at the end of last year and continued on to 2017. He changed his hair color a couple of more times and these changes looked great!

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The blonde hair returned for a few months then changed to black before being changed to wine! The wine color is so pretty and makes me want to try it on myself!

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I think Big Hit likes blonde Suga as much as I do, ’cause here he is again with blonde hair! He did change it to purple but I’m sure he will change it soon!

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~Time for some blonde Suga appreciation! ~

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~And we will end this with some wise words!~

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That’s all folks!

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