One in a million!

JYP Entertainment’s hottest sensational girl group, TWICE, is back again to conquer the hearts of ONCEs with their 2019 world tour, ‘TWICELIGHTS’. Prepare for the party of your life; prepare for the party for two lifetimes!

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Twice debuted in 2015 with 9 beautiful and gifted members. The all-rounded girl group is adored worldwide with their trendy songs, unique concept and creative choreography that goes viral upon every release. Their blossoming journey and achievements in 4 years is indeed remarkable!

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After a few successful concerts, Twice decided to bring their music to the world with their 2019 world tour, ‘TWICELIGHTS’, in conjunction with their 7th mini album ‘FANCY YOU’. With the announcement of a new album and a new world tour, both made on the same day, it was double the happiness for ONCEs, filling them to the brim with joy and anticipation!

9 countries were revealed for the ‘TWICELIGHTS’ world tour 2019. While ONCEs from the listed countries rejoice, others patiently wait for their countries to be announced. Such patience and anticipation!

“TWICE World Tour 2019 ’TWICELIGHTS’” officially kicked off in Seoul with a 2-day concert on 25th and 26th May at the KSPO Dome. Due to Twice’s global recognition, international fans from all over the world traveled all the way to Korean just to attend this incredible concert. For ONCEs, it was indeed an event not to be missed. The concert successfully attracted an impressive number of 20,000 audiences!

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(image source: twitter @LiveNationKpop)

After the 2-day concert concluded, there were many positive reviews and sentimental posts from ONCEs who attended it. Everyone was exhilarated, touched and suffered from ‘post-concert-withdrawal’ symptoms. It was such an enjoyable experience to witness such a spectacular performance that they couldn’t help but want more!

ONCEs can look forward to a special 3-concept unit stage for some intense, heart-thumping moments!

Many ONCEs commented that every effort spent to attend the concert so far from home was worthwhile and it was an unforgettable memory worth remembering forever! It is truly heartwarming to read posts and messages from loyal ONCEs who have been supporting them wholeheartedly through the years.

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Celebrities like S.E.S Bada, Laboum Solbin, fellow JYP family ITZY and Stray Kids attended the concert as well! Can you believe it? Dutch singer Wouter Hamel also attended as Chaeyeon’s special guest. Chaeyeon was thrilled as she was a long time fan of Wouter Hamel! It must be really blissful to have your favorite singer attending your own concert!

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Seoul’s ‘TWICELIGHTS’ concert ended with bang and ONCEs are now looking forward to the rest of their tour with great expectations!

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Twice recently completed their first overseas stop in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 15, 2019. The 9 members danced the night away with their mesmerizing vocals and amazing performances to a large audience of 8,000 ONCEs.

2PM Nichkhun also attended the concert there to show his support to his fellow JYP juniors. It is touching to see the JYP Family so supportive to each other!

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Bringing the mesmerizing powers of their world tour with them, Twice shall journey across Asia, North America and South America. After Thailand, they will be heading to Manila and Singapore next, followed by their North American tour in Los Angeles. Then, they will detour to Mexico before continuing the North American tour to Newark and Chicago. ‘TWICELIGHTS’ will officially come to an end in Malaysia if no additional stops are added (which we hope won’t)!

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ONCEs who are attending the upcoming concerts are counting down the days to be dazzled by the 9 shining stars of their hearts. Every moment will be worthwhile and remain as valuable memories at the end of the day. Let loose and party away when ‘TWICELIGHT’ comes to your country!

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